KeraStat® Cream Prescriber Information Sheet

Prescriber Information Sheet for our partner: ASPN Pharmacies.

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Important Timing Notice:

KeraStat® Cream is best used prophylactically before Radiation Dermatitis symptoms occur. Don’t wait. Prescribe KeraStat® Cream when the patient is scheduled for their first radiotherapy session to increase their chances for a better quality of life.  ​

Comprehensive support from ASPN Pharmacies includes: 

  • Benefit Investigations for Pharmacy and Medical Claims
  • Dedicated KeraStat® Care Team for Streamlined Support​​
  • Prior Authorization Support
  • Appeal and Triage Support
  • Support Team Hours 8:30AM to 5PM Eastern Time
Radiation Dermatitis Treatment-Keranetics

Enroll your patients today: 

E-Prescribe to:

ASPN Pharmacies, LLC.

290 W. Mount Pleasant Ave. 

Bldg. 2, 4th Fl, Ste 4210

Livingston, NJ 07039

P: (888) 865-1021

F: (877) 643-1246

NPI: 1538590690

NCPDP: 3147863

Prescribe KeraStat® Cream when you first schedule your patient for radiotherapy. ASPN Pharmacies will support you and your patient when coverage requires prior authorization and appeals. ​

​Let’s get started. Increase your patient’s quality of life. ​

Step 1: Escribe Online

Search your escribe platform for ”ASPN Pharmacies”  or FAX a completed and signed New Prescription Fax Request to 877-643-1246.  (NOTE: KeraStat® Cream is not yet covered under Medicare/Medicaid). To streamline Step 1, please be sure to include the following information:  

  • Patient insurance information
  • Patient medical information
  • Patient contact information
  • Provider name and NPI
  • Prescription information 

Step 2: ASPN Pharmacies will contact your patient.

SPN Pharmacies will contact your patient by phone and/or text after receiving the complete prescription information from you. Your patient will be asked basic questions about shipping, coverage, and payment. If the patient hasn’t been contacted after 24 hours, please instruct them to call 888-865-1021.

Step 3: Kerastat Cream is delivered.

​KeraStat® Cream will be delivered directly to your patient. Once ASPN Pharmacies processes any copay benefits your patient may be eligible for, ASPN will contact your patient to have their prescription to delivered through a mail order pharmacy.

    If you have any questions about this process, please call ASPN Pharmacies at 1-888-865-1021

    KeraStat® Cream and KeraNetics™ are registered trademarks of KeraNetics, Inc. ​

    Manufactured for: KeraNetics, Inc. 200 East First St., Suite 102, Mailbox 4. Winston-Salem, NC 27101. ​

    Distributed by: ASPN Pharmacies, LLC. 290 W. Mount Pleasant Ave., Bldg. 2, 4th Floor, Suite 4210, Livingston, NJ 07039.​

    ​KeraStat® Cream is an FDA-cleared medical device.