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Winston-Salem, N.C., February 6, 2023 – KeraNetics Inc. announced today that prescriptions for KeraStat® Cream for the management of Radiation Dermatitis can now be written through electronic medical record systems such as Epic and will be processed and fulfilled through ASPN Pharmacies. ASPN is a nationwide online pharmacy offering a streamlined prescription process for patients and providers utilizing at-home or pharmacyoftheirchoice delivery. 

In addition to providing product access to the patient, ASPN Pharmacies support for KeraStat® Cream also includes: 

  • Benefit Investigations for Pharmacy and Medical Claims 
  • Dedicated KeraStat® Care Team for Streamlined Support 
  • Prior Authorization Support 
  • Appeal and Triage Support 
  • Support Team Hours 8:30AM to 5:00PM Eastern Time 

According to a statement by Dr. Luke Burnett, CEO and Chief Science Officer, “KeraNetics is excited to announce that KeraStat® Cream will be distributed by ASPN Pharmacies. KeraStat® Cream is cleared by the FDA for use by cancer patients all over the US for radiation dermatitis. We are excited that clinicians can now prescribe KeraStat® Cream before their patients’ first radiotherapy treatment. This will increase patient quality of life, particularly for those receiving radiotherapy for head, neck, throat, skin, and breast cancers.” 

After healthcare providers order a prescription through E-Prescribe using Epic (or similar), ASPN Pharmacies will reach out directly to patients to obtain shipping, coverage, and payment information. Patients can also contact ASPN Pharmacies by calling 1-888-865-1021. ASPN Pharmacies will deliver KeraStat® Cream directly to patients or their pharmacy of choice. 

Access KeraStat® Cream prescriber instruction sheets and patient prescription handout HERE 

KeraStat® Cream is intended to maintain a moist wound environment. KeraStat® Cream is indicated for the management of a number of partial thickness skin wounds such as partial thickness (first and second degree) burns, severe sunburns, superficial injuries, cuts, abrasions, and incisions/surgical wounds. Under the direction of a healthcare professional, KeraStat® Cream also may be used in the management of dry, light, and moderately exuding partial thickness wounds including pressure (stage I-II) ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, ulcers caused by mixed vascular etiologies, diabetic ulcers, radiation dermatitis, donor sites, and grafts. Please refer to the KeraStat® Cream package insert or visit for a downloadable version of the device package insert.  

KeraStat® Cream is not indicated for full thickness (third degree) burns. This device is only available by prescription.  

KeraStat® is a registered trademark of KeraNetics™, Inc., in the United States and/or other countries. All rights reserved.