Winston-Salem, N.C., October 3, 2011 – KeraNetics LLC announced today that it has been awarded an SBIR Phase I contract from the Office of the Secretary of Defense for development of muscle-regenerating biomaterials. Dr. Elizabeth Pettit Kneller, Principal Investigator for the project and a Scientist at KeraNetics™ said, “This is an important opportunity to investigate novel keratin biomaterials for soft tissue injuries, which are a major source of injury and disability to our nation’s warriors.”

Luke Burnett PhD, Director of Product Development and Research at KeraNetics™ stated “Keratins are unique because they mimic the cell’s structural and functional characteristics and can be formulated into a wide variety of materials as therapeutic delivery systems.”

Dr. George Christ, a Co-Investigator on the project and renowned expert in the field of muscle physiology and regenerative medicine, added, “This represents an exciting opportunity to evaluate the applicability of the regenerative technology platform developed by KeraNetics™ to the treatment of skeletal muscle trauma.”